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In this tutorial I will present you how to create a master - detail select box in your forms. Select one item from the master field and the details will be filled accordingly to your selection.

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Name:Master - detail AJAX select boxes
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Step 3 - AJAX server side script

Master - detail AJAX select boxes

The server side script is responsible for reading the information from the $_GET array and regarding this send back the properly formatted response string. In this example we use simple hard coded values but of course here you can make a database call as well.

The code is very simple:

  1. <?php
  2. if (isset($_GET['brand'])){
  3. switch($_GET['brand']){
  4. case 'Audi' :
  5. echo "A3-1;A4-2;A6-3;A8-4";
  6. break;
  7. case 'BMW' :
  8. echo "320-1;520-2;630-3;745-4";
  9. break;
  10. case 'Mercedes' :
  11. echo "A180-1;C200-2;E320-3;S500-4";
  12. break;
  13. case 'Lexus' :
  14. echo "IS200-1;GS300-2;LS600-3";
  15. break;
  16. }
  17. }
  18. ?>

And now we are ready!

On the next page you can find the complete client side code. 

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Master - detail AJAX select boxes - Table of contents
Step 1 - The master - detail concept
Step 2 - AJAX to get details
Step 3 - AJAX server side script
Step 4 - AJAX master - detail select client side code

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